How do I create an account?

First you must click on Login on the top bar. From there you can sign up with your Facebook account or create a username. You will then be sent an email with a temporary password. Then, you go back to Lawlz.org and login with your temporary password. From there you can click on Settings on the Profile tab and change your password.

How do I submit my content?

You will need to click the big Submit A Lawlz button on the left side of the site. You then click on Upload if the image is on your computer or Url if you want to link it to the image. You then type in what you want the title to be on the area called Title. You then choose your Category. Type in your Tags which are there to describe your image, ex. cat, dog, bike… If you found your image please give credit by puting in the url of where you found the image where it says Source. Finally, you click Submit Post and you are done! You can view your picture when the green status bar shows or click on your profile to view it. To submit a video, you will need to click the Video icon above to submission form and follow the same steps.

What is NSFW?

Some content is too offensive or adult oriented that it requires a person to login to view them. If you submit a NSFW image please make sure to check-mark the option right above the Submit Post button. An image would be NSFW if you would be hesitant to show it to your parents or family member. Please do not submit pornographic material or images with nudity. Doing so will get you banned.

What is the New page?

This is where you will find all of the new posts that users have created.

What is the Top page?

This page is where you will find the popular posts that have a lot of likes. You can have your post on the Top page when people vote on your post.

What is the Random page?

Go to this page if you would like to see a random post from the entire site.

Any tips on getting a lot of likes and making it to the Top Page?

Share  the link to your post on your Facebook or any social network and ask for them to vote. The more people you show your content, the more likely you will have more votes.